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I received a file from a referee that he/she would like to be added to the feedback’s attachements. What should I do ?

I noticed that there are referees with more than one e-mail registered into the system. Is this a problem?

How can I add a new editor to the submission system?

I just got the feedback of a manuscript in english. At the evaluation form, completed by the referee, all the answers are in english. However, the final recomendation are in portuguese. My doubt is: the form I see is the same seen by the referee? If yes, I believe that might be a problem, once the revisor (in my specific case doesn’t understand portuguese) cannot familiarize with the possibles recomendations, and click in a option that doesn’t mean what he want.

To redo the evaluation, I access the review panel and I see the form completed at the time of my first analysis. Should I delete all the text? Won’t it be saved for comparison?

In one of the manuscripts the author submitted two files, and I made correction in both of than. However, the site just accept one single file to upload from the referee. How can I upload the other one?

I forgot to attach a file from a evaluation and i have already submitted the feedback. What can I do ?

I need to give a feedback of a submitted article from the journal I made review but I can’t find the link for that.

Why can’t I change the name of one of my co-authors?/Why can’t I edit the name of one of my co-authors?

That is the first time I’m submitting any material to publish and I don’t know who the referee’s are. How I can get information about them?