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How can I add a new editor to the submission system?

At the register page of each user, there is a field “users status” which determines the access level into the system. The possible status¹ are: Inative author, Active Author, Revisor, Associate Editor, Producer and Administrator. To add a new editor in the system, follow the steps below.

1) Search for the user using Manage Users, left at the menu.

2) Insert the user e-mail in the field

3) Search for the user by clicking “Get User”

4) Click the button “edit” referring to the user

5) Change the status to “Associate Editor”

6) Click the green buttom “Update” at the botton of the page

If that user is not registered into the system by the e-mail you looked for, try to search using parts of the name, if it still you don’t find, register a new user selecting the status you want.

¹ The possible status can change according to the system instalation